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Over the years we have seen many storms come through. This storm took down this giant weeping willow tree. The tree was home to our famous tire swing that went out over the water. A deck was put on the week before and it prevented the tree from crashing down on the shack.
You can not see the front of the shack. It is completly covered by the tree. From the side of the shack you can see how big the tree was. The damage was minor and we survived. Many trees all over the lake were uprooted by the storm.
Here we go again. Again the weather took some of our shade trees. The was a group of 3 trees on the side of the shack. The only damage was a small hole in the roof. One of the big trees held up the other trees.

Again the tree took up big chunks of the ground. We also lost shade trees in the back of the shack. The wind blew them away from the shack. The shack is destined to survive destruction.