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Boat rides can get full! Owen loves the jetski rides! Sandcastle competitions! Derek Jones always won!
Gabby In Chair
Gabby relaxing on a stack of chairs! Cards are fun unless you play with Alissa who cheats!  
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Ashley still has it!!! Owen fun in the sand! Tractor rides with Uncle Ryan!F
Gabby found a soft place to lay! Owen exhausted on the slide! Gabby gets so exhausted with cottage life!
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Ahh...... Shade!! Sunbathing on the warm sand! Buffy loved a good party! RIP! We miss you!
Yes, I am knowI am cool! First summer in the water. Gabby loves to play in the sand!
Ahh... What a breeze! Beautiful rainbow early one morning. Got caught helping myself to some ice.
Nope, you can not sit here! Nope, not here either! This is mine!
Go ahead and jump! I will just hang here. I am not too sure about this! Jesus loves the boat rides!
Jesus being stalked by the swan! Jesus loves sitting on her alligator friend.