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We have many activites that you can participate in. I think everyone is to old for this one!

Try out your skills. Try your luck at bumper tubes. See how long you can stay on. Hold on tight no matter what way you end up.

Paradise Shack began in the summer of 1982. It is located on the back side of Turk Lake 10 miles north of Greenville, Michigan. It has been the home to many famous gatherings with family and friends for 21 years. In the summer of 2002 the First Annual Luau Pig Roast was started. It drew a big crowd of young and old. It was the discovery of Jesus the famous duck who was left behind by her family.






You can try your luck at fishing. There really are fish in the lake. You just need to be patient. Every year we see more and more big fish.


It is a great time to just sit on the swing and just relax and enjoy the lake.

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